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About the exhibition

Cross-sectional Catalogue
ICEFA Lidice 1967–2009

Cross-sectional Catalogue ICEFA Lidice 1967–2009

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ICEFA Lidice is a one round competition for children 4 to 16 years for all types of schools and organisations working with children – nursery schools, primary schools, primary art schools, special schools, leisure-time centres of children and youth, children’s houses, multi-year grammar schools and other secondary schools. Individuals can participate as well. The expert panel of judges consisting of art teachers and visual artists selects circa 1,400 works for exhibition. The works are awarded Honourable Mentions and the best of them obtain “Rose of Lidice” medals.

Organizers of the exhibition

As the time passed, various institutions organized the exhibition - Central Committee of the National Front, Lidice Community Council, Mladá fronta, a. s., Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czechoslovak Foreign Institute, Czech Commission for UNESCO and Czechoslovak Peace Union.

Since 2004 the chief organizer of the exhibition has been the Lidice Memorial supported by the Ministry of Culture of the CR, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CR and Czech Commission for UNESCO. Since 2013 is the exhibition supported also by Czech centres.


Every year the “Theme of the Year” is announced following the recommendation of the UNESCO – 2004 – Year of Czech Music, 2005 – Happiness, 2006 – Planet Earth, 2007 – Sport, 2008 – International Year of Potato – themes “Potato” and “World Languages”, 2009 – theme “Universe”, 2010 – Biodiversity, 2011 – This is where I live, that is me, 2012 – Theatre – Puppet – Fairytale, 2013 – Traditions and heritage of my country’s people, 2014 – Family Farming or our garden and field, 2015 – Light, 2016 – School? Education!, 2017 – Travel, 2018 – Water (above Gold), 2019 – Chemistry, 2020 – Landscape, 2021 – Robot and artificial intelligence, 2022 - Museum, 2023 - Dance, 2024 - Caravan.

Art techniques

Every participant may opt for any artistic technique. Accepted works are made by various techniques going under categories in the catalogue:

  • painting, drawing
  • printmaking
  • mixed media
  • photography
  • film/animation
  • ceramics
  • art objects (metal, ceramics, wood, glass, textile, paper)

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