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News 2011

Closing date is here!

14. 3. 2011

To date, more than 10,000 entries by children from 51 countries of the world were accepted for the 39th edition of ICEFA Lidice, but many packages are still waiting for registration. With the closing date the daily number of entries delivered to the Lidice Gallery is usually between 100.
The photos show the mail and the storeroom slowly filling up with the registered entries.
Ivona Kasalicka, curator of ICEFA

After closing date and after jury

11. 4. 2011

The panel of judges of the 39th ICEFA Lidice 2011 met on 7 and 8 April to assess 25,400 entries by children from 65 countries of the world, including CR and SR. Considering the enormous participation, it was no easy job. There have been more than 1.200 winning entries, including the medals awarded to individuals and schools for collections. Here you can view pictures from the jury.

Since thorough and exacting check of the information related to the list of the child winners is involved, particularly the names and addresses of participants from abroad, the list of the winners has not yet been completed. However, we work hard to make it available on our website on 10 May.

The ceremonial opening will take place at the Lidice Gallery at Lidice on 1st June, 2011 at 11 a.m. Detailed information will be made available.

Ivona Kasalicka, curator

Results of ICEFA 2011 on the web site!

9. 5. 2011

The list of winners of the 39th ICEFA Lidice 2011 has been made from 9. 5. 2011 available here. Congratulations to all winners!

The ceremonial opening will take place on 1 June 2011 at 11 a.m. where prizes will be bestowed on the Czech children winning individual medals. For more information about the ceremonial opening see here.

Children from Latvia in Lidice gallery

14. 7. 2011

On Thursday 14 7th 2011 visited Lidice gallery children from Latvia, who regularly participate in the International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice and are very successful every year. Among the visitors were 3 children, who won this year the highest award - medal Rose of Lidice - 6-year old Oskars Léconis of BJC Auseklis Riga got a medal for his painting and 11-years old Asnaté Berzina and Eliza Daine from Rigas Juglas Vidusskola from Riga won medals for their ceramic busts and a collection of glass sculptures. Children, accompanied by teachers and parents, were interested in exhibition and also viewed a film about the 38th year ICEFA Lidice. Curator of the exhibition gave to appreciated children small gifts, thanked everyone for participation and  wished success in next year's exhibition.

The huge participation of Latvian children in ICEFA Lidice and high quality of their work, which results in their annual high awards is the result of the good work of the Czech Embassy in Riga. Embassy, together with art teachers from Riga, organizes every year "sub-competition" ICEFA Lidice, in which they appreciate and reward best works and the selected entries are sent to Czech Republic to represent Latvian children work in Lidice competition.

ICEFA Lidice 2012 on a post stamp

5. 9. 2011

In August 2011, so called counter sheets were issued to mark the jubilee 40th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2012. The stamp shows the winning entry by the six-year-old Erdal Elyi from the Art School Targoviste in Bulgaria. The sheet can be bought for CZK 180 in the Lidice Memorial or sent to you by C.O.D.
More at

Meeting of Organizers, Supporters and Other Collaborators on the 40th ICEFA

8. 9. 2011

On 7 Sep 2011, the Lidice Gallery hosted a meeting on the organization and course of the jubilee 40th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2012. Besides the organizers and the team from the Lidice Memorial and members of the panel of judges the meeting was attended also by representatives of the ministries that grant the auspices, i.e. Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Czech Commission for UNESCO, Administration of the Czech Centres, Czechoslovak Foreign Institute, Kladno Municipality and the Senator for the Kladno constituency.

All participants agreed that ICEFA is a unique exhibition not only due to the reasons for its inception or due to its tradition but also because it strongly and regularly represents the Czech Republic abroad. Thanks to an enormous growth in numbers of entries by children from all of the world, the exhibition has become recently one of the largest exhibitions in Europe as well as in the world, with much interest of children and art teachers envisaged for the next edition. Therefore, the jubilee edition should be enriched with attendant events, additional publications and other programme.

Hopefully, we will succeed in getting sponsors to support this unique international event.

Exhibition of works of Latvian children in Nachod

10. 11. 2011

On 5 11th 2011 was opened an exhibition of works of Latvian children in the Regional Museum of Nachod. More here.

Distribution of awards and reports from prize awards in abroad

27. 12. 2011

By the end of November consignments containing awards for children in various countries were sent in to the respective Czech diplomatic missions. As early as September, but more often in October and November 2011, ceremonial awards of certificates and medals were taking place at Czech embassies or directly at winning schools in participating countries. Here you can see photos from the ceremonies.

We are very pleased when we receive any report or photograph from these ceremonial programmes. It is a very important feedback for us, the result of our work at Lidice. We thank very much to all staffs of embassies for organizing and implementing prize awards to winning children, disseminating information on the exhibition and promoting the exhibition in their destinations.

Ivona Kasalická, curator of ICEFA

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